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Posts tagged "marital property"

Ex-wife penalized for leaving after husband's illness

An out-of-state judge recently threw out a $1 million verdict that a jury had awarded to a woman in connection to her now-ex-husband’s medical malpractice lawsuit. The man had been misdiagnosed with a serious illness that required constant care, much of it rendered by his then-wife.

Could it pay to be 'Minnesota nice' during a divorce?

We have all heard the phrase "Minnesota nice" and many of us are okay with the fact that others see us as kind, polite and well-mannered people in general. However, the fact is that we are not always nice. We can be aggressive, angry and unforgiving when it comes to protecting ourselves and our families. That is why divorces in this, and any other, state can get so ugly.

Stocks, appreciation at the center of property division dispute

When two people get divorced in Minnesota, it may seem fairly straightforward to part ways. However, there are significant legal complexities that can make this a very difficult process. For example, dividing property can be one of the polarizing issues that can complicate a divorce. This is because splitting up assets is not necessarily as easy as each spouse taking half of everything. Considerations must be made for what is and is not marital property. This can be a difficult process when it comes to assets like stocks and business earnings.

The complications of a high-asset divorce in Minnesota

The process of ending a marriage does not happen overnight. In fact, many divorces can take several months or longer to be finalized. There are a number of reasons that a divorce can be drawn out, and many of them have to do with a couple's individual situation. For some couples in Minnesota, the issue that holds up a divorce is the division of assets. 

How emotions can affect property division in a Minnesota divorce

Making the decision to end a marriage is often very difficult and emotional. Many divorces involve one or two spouses who may feel hurt, betrayed, unsatisfied, guilty, angry and sad. These emotions are completely normal during such a difficult time, but they can end up clouding a person's mind when it comes to more logical processes involved in a divorce such as dividing up assets and properties.

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