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Is a heated dispute over the division of property and assets delaying your contested divorce or high net worth divorce in Minnesota?

You can benefit from the skilled assistance of an experienced family law attorney who conducts thorough research, is open to your ideas and advocates for you, aggressively if necessary, from start to finish. The lawyer you need is Joseph E. Marvin, who founded our law firm — Marvin Law Office, L.L.C. — more than 30 years ago to serve people just like you in Anoka County and the north metro area. He works hard to help you preserve your financial and real estate investments in your marriage with practical, lasting solutions you can live with.

Quality Representation Of Your Property Division Goals In The Twin Cities

Marital property and nonmarital property are the factors addressed when a marriage is dissolved in our state. Marital property is anything acquired during the marriage, while nonmarital property is acquired by only one spouse. In Minnesota, the law requires people getting divorced to divide their marital property equitably, which means the split must be fair to each side. Keep in mind this does not mean you must divide your assets 50/50. Instead, you and your ex have the flexibility to negotiate a deal that is reasonably fair to both of you.

Mr. Marvin‘s depth of experience in divorce is especially useful when it comes to property division. Not only is he able to predict the other side’s thinking and strategy, he also knows how to look for possibly hidden assets to make sure you get your fully fair share.

We Help You Get Your Share Of All Property Types

Joe Marvin‘s primary goal for your property division, especially during high net worth divorce, is an equitable distribution of assets and property such as:

  • Real estate — primary, vacation and retirement residences
  • Motor vehicles
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Deferred income
  • Retirement accounts
  • Pension benefits
  • Collectibles and memberships
  • Gifts and inheritances

There are often disputes about the value of property. Joe Marvin and his investigative resources can help you with valuations and appraisals, including valuation of a closely held family business. All property issues can be resolved by agreement through mediation or by utilizing Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE).

Make Sure You Get The Financial Fresh Start You Deserve

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