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As part of a divorce proceeding, both parties must disclose assets in their entirety. All nonmarital property must also be disclosed. The reason for this requirement is simple: The court must have a full picture of the spouses’ financial holdings to make a fair determination regarding property division. Likewise, a fair our-of-court settlement can only be achieved if the spouses are completely aware of all the assets at play.

Unfortunately, spouses sometimes try to hide assets in an effort to gain an advantage in property division. Given the severity of the sanctions for hiding assets, it is rare for this type of situation to occur. When it does, however, it is important to obtain the assistance of an attorney to help ensure that all assets are brought to light.

Uncovering Undisclosed Assets

Most divorce cases involve an important disclosure process called discovery. During this process, each party must share certain relevant information with the other. Each party also has the right to examine documentation, ask questions and request testimony under oath. If one party is attempting to hide assets, his or her fraud generally comes to light during this process.

In some cases, though, it may be necessary to take further steps in seeking out hidden assets. For example, you may need to file subpoenas requesting information from various banks. A lawyer can help you take the appropriate steps to root out undisclosed accounts and assets.

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If you suspect your spouse may be hiding assets during a divorce proceeding, contact Anoka County hidden assets attorney Joseph E. Marvin at Marvin Law Office, L.L.C. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, attorney Joe Marvin understands how to navigate complex divorce cases. He can help you make informed decisions on how to proceed with your case.

When you turn to our firm for help, you can expect professional and practical advice. Our attorney takes a common sense approach to cases. He understands the concerns clients often face, and he works diligently to alleviate them.

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