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Obtaining A Fair Valuation Of Your Business In Divorce

For business owners, much is at stake in divorce proceedings. The business you worked so hard to build may be in jeopardy. When it comes to your livelihood, it is critical to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

At Marvin Law Office, L.L.C., in Anoka County, our lawyer secures business valuations to help clients protect their business interests. Lawyer Mr. Marvin works with certified public accountants (CPAs), business appraisers and other professionals to ensure accuracy and thoroughness.

Protecting Your Livelihood

We understand that your business is not only a source of income, but also your pride and livelihood. We understand the sacrifice and sweat equity that go into building a business from the ground up. When you come into our office, you can expect our attorney to listen to your concerns and view the case through your eyes. Your goals and priorities will guide our approach toward navigating legal hurdles.

Our attorney is a strong advocate both inside and outside the courtroom. You can rely on him for focused, dedicated representation.

Assisting Business Owners From All Walks Of Life

Property division is one of the most highly contested aspects of divorce. When one or both spouses own a business, determining how to fairly divide the marital property can be even more complicated. This is particularly the case in high-asset divorces. The first — and perhaps most critical — step toward obtaining a fair property division is securing an accurate valuation of the business.

The business valuation process generally requires the assistance of experienced professionals. Our firm draws on the expertise of skilled and trusted professionals to bolster our clients’ cases. Once the valuation is established, our attorney presents a compelling case at the bargaining table or in court. He has extensive experience representing business owners in divorce. His clients have included business owners from all walks of life, with small to medium-sized businesses in numerous industries.

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