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Many married couples are unhappy, but they agree to remain together “for the kids.” Now that the children are out of the house, it is time to dissolve your marriage and start the next chapter of your life.

“Gray divorce,” or divorce for people who are middle-aged or older, can look quite different than divorce between people in their 20s, 30s or 40s. Attorney Joseph E. Marvin of Marvin Law Office, L.L.C., in Anoka, Minnesota, knows the challenges that older people going through divorce typically face. He has practiced family law for more than 30 years. Whatever the issues you are facing, his guidance and advocacy will deliver you the best possible outcome, both financially and emotionally.

What Makes Gray Divorce Different

If you are getting divorced after 30, 40 or 50 years of marriage, you probably will not have to worry about child support or child custody. On the other hand, you may have 401(k)s and other retirement savings that now must be divided between yourself and your spouse. Not to mention the family home, ownership interest in a business and other valuable assets you may have accumulated during the marriage. We will help you through the complexities of property division. As your divorce lawyer, Mr. Marvin‘s advice will be grounded in his decades of negotiating and litigating divorces in the north metro. He will tailor his advice and strategy to your individual needs, so you can look forward to a comfortable retirement.

Your job as a parent is over. Now is the time to prepare for your golden years. Start by making sure your divorce is handled properly the first time, without costly, time-consuming mistakes by an attorney who lacks experience in divorce law.

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