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Enforcing Child Support And Child Custody Orders

When you have earned a hard-fought victory in a family law case, you likely anticipate smooth sailing from here on out. Unfortunately, though, that does not always happen. The losing parties sometimes fail to comply with their obligations. If the other party refuses to fulfill his or her legal duties, court intervention may become necessary.

Enforcing Child Support, Child Custody And More In Minnesota

Generally, a person who has fallen behind on spousal support or child support will be notified of the debt and given the chance to pay it off or arrange a payment plan to get current. If these efforts fail, you may be able to take steps to enforce your ex’s legal obligations. Enforcing family court orders generally requires filing an action for contempt of court. You may have to attend a court hearing to present evidence and arguments in support of your position. Our attorney, Joseph Marvin, excels at presenting compelling cases in court, using time-tested strategies to advance clients’ goals. He can help you present a persuasive case.

Minnesota courts have vast tools at their disposal to ensure that parties comply with court orders. If a court determines that the other party violated a court order, it may impose penalties to enforce compliance. These penalties can include:

  • Changes to the child custody arrangement in favor of the complying party
  • Steep monetary fines
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Wage garnishment and seizure or levy of financial assets
  • Jail time

Enforcement of court orders can be a complex process. Our firm can guide you through it, step by step, with realistic and practical legal counsel. At Marvin Law Office, L.L.C., our lawyer handles enforcement of child support, child custody, alimony and other family court orders. Attorney Joseph E. Marvin understands how to tackle difficult issues in family law cases. He draws on a solid background of more than 30 years of experience to help clients in Anoka County navigate enforcement proceedings. He excels at presenting compelling cases in court, using time-tested strategies to advance clients’ goals.

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Have you reached the end of your rope due to the other party’s failure to abide by family court orders? Enlist the help of seasoned family law attorney Joe Marvin. Based in downtown Anoka, we represent clients throughout Anoka County, including Andover, Blaine and Ramsey.

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