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What Unmarried Parents Need To Know About Child Custody Law

You and your partner love your children dearly, and you have raised them together since they were born. There is no difference between your family’s day-to-day life and that of your married friends. But Minnesota law sees things differently, and this could make a huge difference if you and your co-parent ever split up and need to arrange a child custody plan.

At Marvin Law Office, L.L.C., we can help you if you are an unmarried parent looking to establish or protect your parental rights. Our founder, Joseph E. Marvin, has practiced family law in Anoka County for more than 30 years. We will guide you through the unique process of establishing or modifying child custody when you and your co-parent never were married. Above all, we will help you keep your children safe, healthy and able to thrive.

How Minnesota Law Treats Unmarried Fathers

Perhaps the most important thing you need to know about Minnesota’s paternity law is that when an unmarried woman gives birth, there is no legal presumption of who the father is. If you are the biological father and wish to establish your parental rights over your child, you must prove paternity, either through the Recognition of Parentage process or by court order. Unless you do this, your child’s mother will have sole child custody rights. If your relationship ends, you may have no say over where your child lives or how often you see them.

Paternity matters can also complicate matters for unmarried same-sex couples who co-parented children. Joe Marvin and the rest of our team will walk you through the steps you need to take to ensure you will continue to be your kids’ parent for the future.

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