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Protecting Parent/Child Relationships

If you are seeking solutions to child custody or parenting time problems connected to your divorce, or modifications to custody obligations in your current divorce decree in Minnesota, experienced Anoka family law attorney Joseph E. Marvin and the Marvin Law Office, L.L.C., can help.

During your consultation with Joseph Marvin, you can discuss your physical custody or legal custody goals. Joe Marvin works hard toward the objective of both parents maintaining a prominent role in a child’s upbringing. “The best interests of the child” are always his top priority.

Physical custody deals with which parent will have the children residing with him or her. It may be joint between the parties if circumstances permit, though joint physical custody is unusual because circumstances typically do not exist.

Legal custody addresses the education, health care and religion of the child, and it is presumptively joint if no abuse has occurred prior to or during the divorce. Joint legal custody gives both parties access to school records, notice of school conference dates and input regarding the child’s religious direction.

Are you worried about a custody issue? Do you have questions about joint, legal, physical and sole custody, or parenting time issues in Anoka County or elsewhere in the northern Twin Cities area of Minnesota? Whether you are divorcing or seeking a modification of an existing child support order, we can help. Contact our family law firm today. We excel at mediation, negotiation and/or litigation of custody and parenting time matters.

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Parenting time is the allocation of time with the children between the parents. Standard parenting time is alternate weekends, one or two evenings per week, alternate major holidays and extended parenting time in the summer. There are many options to the parenting time schedule. An arrangement that works for one family may not work for another. Our attorney will listen carefully to your ideas and propose sound recommendations of his own, based on your availability to your child.

Joe Marvin can also consult with you on paternity issues, as they relate to custody and parenting time if you are an unmarried parent seeking to establish parental rights.

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