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Divorce Archives

Making the decision to divorce

People in Minnesota who are struggling with whether to get a divorce might wonder how they will make the right decision. In some cases, a situation becomes so difficult that a divorce seems necessary. In other cases, it takes a person time to realize just how bad the situation has become.

Why gray divorce comes with a heavy cost for some

There are many costs associated with getting divorced regardless of a Minnesota couple's age. However, it may be harder for those who are 50 and over to recover from the end of their marriage. For many people in that age group, it may be harder to increase their earning potential or find meaningful employment. On average, a divorce can cost between $25,000 and $50,000 if the split is amicable.

Getting the most from assets in a divorce

For Minnesota estranged couples, divorce may be an emotional time. It can also be a time in which many financial mistakes are made. An individual going through divorce may be best served by having both an attorney and a financial planner to help with financial decisions related to the end of a marriage. However, individuals can help themselves by learning as much about the financial implications of a divorce as possible.

Bartenders face higher divorce risk, study shows

For people in Minnesota and across the United States, it can be true that a person's job can play a role in whether or not they get a divorce. Professions like scientists, medical professionals, software developers and, especially, actuaries have the lowest rates of divorce, according to statistics collected from the 2015 American Community Survey.

How to be successful at co-parenting

Some divorced Minnesota parents of young children might find themselves co-parenting with an ex-spouse who might not be the ideal partner. However, successful co-parenting is possible, even when an ex exhibits certain behaviors that might seem toxic. As long as the ex's behavior does not put the children at risk, there are some things people can do to succeed.

Why mediation may not be for everyone

Residents of Minnesota or anyone else going through divorce may believe that they need a judge to create a formal ruling to end their marriage. However, it may be possible to define the terms of a divorce settlement by going to mediation instead.

Legal advice and financial decisions for divorce go hand in hand

Unfortunately, divorce is a relatively common occurrence in Minnesota. Nationwide, over 800,000 people end their marriages every year. The desire to exit a relationship might prompt people to focus on the immediate relief of independence, but legal advisers warn that a long-term analysis of finances needs to take place before agreeing to a divorce settlement.

Keeping the family home in a divorce

During a Minnesota divorce, a former couple will have to divide up any property they obtained during their marriage. For many, this means making decisions about the family home. One person often wants to retain ownership, especially if there are kids involved. However, simply choosing to keep the home may not be as simple of a decision once the financial reality sets in.

How health insurance impacts divorce

Because of uncertainty surrounding federal health care policy, some Minnesota residents whose marriages are coming to an end might be putting their divorces on hold. In some cases, couples are choosing to stay together while finalizing the terms of an eventual divorce. In others, couples are having divorce papers drafted but are not signing or filing them.

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