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Child Support Archives

Report sheds light on the cost of child rearing

Almost any parent will tell you that raising a child is an expensive proposition. Children are totally dependent on their parents for shelter, food, and clothing. And there are so many other expenses for medical costs, schooling and various activities. As such, parents may find themselves having to

What steps can be taken to get a parent to pay child support?

If you are a single parent, you are likely aware of how expensive it is to properly provide for your child. You may even be struggling to simply keep up with the costs of housing, food and clothing. And your children may have activities and lessons that are also part your household budget. So, if you depend on child support to help pay for all of these routine expenses, it is critical that the payments arrive on time every month.

Divorced basketball stars spar over child support

Raising children with serious health problems is stressful and expensive enough when the parents are living together and sharing in the work. When the parents are separated or divorced, it must be doubly difficult, though of course most parents do everything they can to get sick or disabled kids the medical care and support they need.

Dad says child support reminder postcard invaded his privacy

Because children’s well-being might be at stake, the state often takes an interest in child support matters. If the noncustodial parent pays the child support on time, then there will be no need for court hearings and possible jail time. But a Minnesota parent who falls far enough behind in child support may face consequences to his or her finances and/or freedom.

Behind the curtains of determining child support

Before we get into the topic of child support and how it is determined, it is important to realize that every couple is different, and no two child support cases are going to be the same. This uniqueness makes it difficult to exactly predict how a person's (or couple's) child support case will be determined. Still, there are some crucial factors to consider, so let's get into it.

U.S. may not participate in international child support treaty

The United States’ participation in an international treaty on child support may be in jeopardy, after a legislative committee in one state voted against a key bill. As a result, parents in Minnesota and across the country may not enjoy the treaty’s benefits when it comes to getting child support from noncustodial co-parents abroad.

What is child support supposed to pay for?

As any Minnesota parent can tell you, once a child is born a great deal of their parents’ income goes toward feeding, clothing, sheltering and educating the youngster. When one parent does not live with his or her child, it can be a struggle for the custodial parent to afford the things necessary to set the child on the course toward a happy, healthy future.

Is $7,000 monthly child support award ludicrous?

Arguing about child support in court is something that no parent wants to have to do. However, it can be a necessary fight to have when the well-being and care of a child is at stake. In general, child support cases involve one parent who wants or needs it and another who does not want to pay. In most cases, it is up to each parent to provide the court with information that could affect the decision, but the determination for child support is ultimately left up to the judge.

Do you need to pursue child support modification?

Parents will often do whatever they can to provide for their children. However, every person has limits and there may be certain obligations that parents in Minnesota may not be able to meet, despite their best efforts. For example, if a parent is ordered to pay child support, he or she may be able to keep up with payments for a period of time. But if he or she loses a job, suffers a serious injury or experiences another significant life event, it may become impossible to keep up with that same support payment schedule. 

Father catches up on back child support, still sentenced to jail

Raising a child is not easy. Every parent in Minnesota likely realizes this. And when two parents are no longer together, the stresses of raising a child can be even greater on a custodial parent. In order to ease some of the anxiety associated with this type of parenting, judges will often require that a non-custodial parent contributes financially by ordering child support.

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