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A peaceful division of assets is possible

Even if the custody of your children is of primary concern in your divorce, decisions about property division are likely not far behind. After all, dividing property goes beyond who gets what. An unfair or unbalanced settlement can leave you struggling for years after the divorce is finalized.

Is your child custody agreement no longer working for you?

How long has it been since you originally signed your current child custody agreement and parenting plan? Does it still reflect your current circumstances and the needs of your child? If the existing agreement no longer works or fits your family's needs, you may consider changing it.

The court cannot be biased against your fatherhood

Like most Minnesota fathers, you've likely faced several challenges as you provide for your children and try your best to give them a solid foundation and the skills and opportunities needed to reach their full potentials as they reach adulthood. When you determined the most viable option to your marital problems was divorce, you likely worried how the outcome would affect the ones you love most: your children. As always, you were determined to keep their best interests in mind as you developed a future parenting plan and whole new lifestyle.

Combining romance and realism: The pros of prenups

You're about to enter the world of matrimonial bliss when your soon-to-be spouse broaches the subject of a prenuptial agreement. A prenup?! You may feel shocked, you may feel insulted and you may feel hurt…But here are some reasons that, perhaps, you shouldn't. Instead, you may want to view this as one of the most romantic gifts your soon-to-be-spouse has ever given you.

Want to avoid a divorce trial? Try an alternative option

The idea of going through the divorce process is painful enough without also having to worry about any potential tension and conflict between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Perhaps you will have some heated squabbles about who will get to keep the furniture, or maybe you will not see eye to eye on how to address alimony.

Is Facebook keeping you from moving on after divorce?

If you are one of the millions who stay in touch with friends and family through social media, you may be facing a big challenge as you and your spouse work through your divorce. You may be used to changing your Facebook status several times a day, sharing photos of your latest success or posting memes that express your present emotions.

Should a prenuptial agreement be part of your wedding plans?

Since the moment you and your beloved decided to get married, you've probably relived the whole proposal experience a thousand times in your mind. You may even remember the first person you called to share your exciting news. Whether you and your soon-to-be spouse planned on tying on the knot within a few short weeks or began working on a longer-range plan, the delight of preparing for your own wedding day likely soared to the top of your "fun things to do" list.

Spousal maintenance offers financial stability after divorce

If you have been financially dependent upon your spouse and now you are going through a divorce, your economic outlook may not seem too bright. Figuring out your monetary situation can be a challenge. Thankfully, many Minnesota residents qualify for spousal maintenance, which offers them financial stability when they need it most.

Six tips for co-parenting during the summer break

Summer break comes with the potential for myriad conflicts. Maybe you want to take the kids hiking along the North Shore in August - but your ex said he's already arranged a trip to Disney World during that time. Or maybe you believe your children would have a great time at a local Minnesota camp - but your ex can't stand the thought of giving up time with them.

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