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How long does a divorce take in Minnesota?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Divorce

A divorce can be a complicated and challenging situation to resolve. While the divorce rate in Minnesota has lowered recently, some expect to increase in the near future. The outcome of a divorce can shape your way of living for years to come or longer, but how long can it take to resolve a divorce?

What the process looks like

Some states impose a mandatory waiting period during a divorce to ensure that the spouses a certain about separating, but Minnesota does not have one. Despite the lack of a waiting period, the average length of a divorce takes between 30-90 days. It is possible to reduce the length of divorce by following some of these tips:

  • Consider mediation – mediation can dramatically reduce the length of divorce and lower the divorce cost for both spouses.
  • Stay organized – keeping track of your legal, financial, and medical documents can cut down on a lot of time spent trying to find what you need during negotiations.
  • Remain open in negotiations – it is a good idea to have a goal in mind when you enter the divorce negotiations, but do not commit yourself to only that outcome. If you are too rigid in negotiations, you may find yourself in litigation, which can take much longer to settle things.
  • Do not go through it alone – a divorce attorney can be the advantage you need in your divorce. Their guidance can keep you from making costly mistakes and help secure the best possible outcome in your divorce.

A divorce does not have to be a long and contentious battle that takes months to resolve. Keeping calm and focused on your goal of a quick and simple divorce can help you reduce the time and money you need to resolve a divorce.

When do you begin preparing for divorce?

If you are considering a divorce, think your spouse will start one soon, or if you are already in the middle of one, make sure you have an attorney you can trust on your side. A lawyer’s experience is invaluable in a divorce, so do not leave yourself in a vulnerable position without one.


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