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About supervised visits

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2019 | Child Custody

Parents in Minnesota who have supervised visitation are only permitted to see their children while being supervised by another person. The visits can take place at a designated visitation facility, like a child care center, or can be arranged at the home of the parent.

The family court will generally require supervised visits in situations in which there are questions about a parent’s fitness. For example, if something previously occurred because a parent’s abuse of alcohol or drugs, or there have accusations of domestic violence or abuse, supervised visitation will be ordered so that parents will still be able to have contact with their children in a secure environment for the children.

The visiting parent will have to go to the designated visitation location in order to visit with the children. Alternatively, the family court may have the children delivered to parent’s home. In either case, the person who will be supervising the sessions will be specified by court. In many cases, a social worker or counselor is chosen to supervise and to make sure that the visit occurs in a controlled environment.

Supervised visitation can be ordered on temporary basis or indefinitely. If there are pending investigations into accusations of domestic violence or abuse, the court may require that any visitation with the accused parent be supervised until the investigation has been completed. If there has already been a determination that a parent is unfit to have custody, supervised visitation may be maintained until the parent demonstrates that his or her situation has improved.

A family law attorney may help resolve disputes regarding child custody. The attorney may advocate on behalf of clients during hearings regarding custody and visitation. Legal advice may be provided to parents seeking changes to existing child visitation orders, such as an end to supervised visitation.

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