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Fewer Americans getting divorced

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2019 | Divorce

Most married couples in Minnesota expect their nuptials to last for life. However, there are situations when divorce is probably the best option. Curiously, while Americans are generally accepting of the necessity of divorce and supportive of divorced people, divorce rates have largely decreased over the past few years.

These declines are not consistent across all age groups, however. The decreases have mainly been among younger couples. Analysts believe that this may be the result of a general trend of marrying later. These older couples often have a greater level of compatibility and financial stability, which can reduce conflicts.

On the other hand, older couples are becoming more likely to divorce. This phenomenon, sometimes known as ‘gray divorce,” is often the result of middle-aged and older adults realizing that they do not wish to spend the time they have left in an unhappy marriage. In addition, couples with children often stay together until the kids become adults. Once adult children strike out on their own, there is little holding the couple together.

All divorces come with significant personal challenges as well as financial considerations. Younger couples may have fewer assets that need to be divided. Spouses in these marriages are often employed and looking forward to earning more over the decades. However, parents of young children will have to consider issues such as child support and visitation schedules.

Older couples, on the other hand, may have more assets that need to be divided. In addition, these spouses could be retired or approaching retirement, which gives them less time to recover financially after a divorce. An experienced family law attorney may be able to provide guidance when it comes to navigating the divorce process.

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