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Working together to parent the children after the split

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2019 | Child Custody

Minnesota residents who are going through a divorce have many things to consider. If they are parents, one of their primary concerns will be raising their children after the split. For many couples, this means figuring out how to co-parent successfully while keeping the best interest of the children at the forefront.

Child custody may be complicated to navigate, but parents can make it work. Communication is the key to successful co-parenting, but it can be tricky when there might be strong emotions related to the divorce. Working to actively prevent miscommunication and confusion by making clear plans for transitions, holidays and other important events can save both parents and kids a lot of heartache. One way to achieve this is by communicating via the internet through email and apps designed for this and setting up online calendars accessible to all.

Successful co-parenting also means that both parents act like responsible adults around their children, avoiding arguments relating to the divorce and being polite when they need to interact during special events. It also means being honest with the children when they are old enough and become curious about what happened to their parents’ relationship. They should be careful to not encourage the false hope that the parents might get back together one day if this is not a possibility. As parents develop new relationships, they need to be careful who they choose to introduce to their children. If the new relationship progresses and becomes serious, parents should see step-parents as their allies in raising their children.

Parents who need to negotiate child custody during a divorce might benefit from the guidance that a lawyer with family law experience offers. A lawyer may be able to represent them during negotiations with their ex-spouse and during court appearances.

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