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Mediation may help maintain amicable parenting relationships

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Child Custody, Family Law

Before you had your children, you and the other parent likely had many talks and made many promises about how much you would love the children and always care for them. You may have even had the foresight to discuss how you would handle child custody arrangements or divorce matters in the event that you chose to end your marriage.

Now that the once-speculative idea of divorce has become a reality, you and your soon-to-be ex may want to work through the proceedings as quickly and painlessly as possible for the sake of yourselves and, more importantly, for your children. As a result, you may be considering the possibility of mediation strongly.

Mediation for child custody

Mediation can have many benefits during divorce, especially when it comes to child custody. Both you and the other parent undoubtedly want the chance to have your say in what arrangements you believe would best suit the needs of the kids. Though you both may want to approach the topic amicably and from a place of love for your children, you could still find yourselves at odds. Fortunately, this point is where an unbiased mediator can help.

The mediator has no stake in the outcomes of your case, and as a result, this person can help keep negotiations moving forward and work toward giving each person his or her time to speak. By having this person actively keeping the focus on the topic at hand, you and your ex may reach custody agreements far more quickly than if you went through litigious court proceedings.

Other benefits of mediation

Though your marriage may have ended on relatively good terms, it is not unusual for court proceedings to bring out the worst in each other. By utilizing mediation rather than litigation, you may have the chance to maintain the amicable relationship with your ex on which your marriage ended and continue to parent together without unnecessary hostility.

Though mediation can take place outside of court and involves a neutral third party, it is still wise to have a legal advocate on your side. A Minnesota family law attorney can help you better understand mediation and your rights as a parent. This legal professional can also offer guidance on custody arrangements, answer any legal questions you may have and otherwise support your legal case as it proceeds.

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