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Important things to do after getting divorced in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2019 | Divorce

A spouse who files for divorce may want to take the proper steps to ensure that legal documents are drawn up quickly. Prior to receiving a divorce decree, both parties must make various arrangements to divide their assets and make plans for future finances. The issue is more important if child support is a concern.

Married couples are often insured under the same medical insurance policies. In this common situation, the end of a marriage means that one spouse must have their own coverage. In addition, a recently divorced person needs to contact their insurance agent to remove the spouse from the policy. Changing the last name is another important issue, especially when dealing with government identification cards.

The first thing to do after a divorce is to get a certified copy of the judgment to prove that a divorce took place. The next step is to fill out the proper forms for changing the last name on the Social Security card, driver’s license, bank account, credit cards and debit card. The person also needs to inform their supervisor at work that they changed their name.

Each spouse may wish to draft a new will or create an estate plan under their own names in which they establish a trust fund or assign a power of attorney. Creating a sound estate plan is especially important in a high-asset divorce.

Filling out forms and quibbling about property division only adds to the emotions caused by divorce. Consulting with a divorce attorney may help a person who is going through divorce proceedings see their options clearly and negotiate with their former partner so that each party gets agreeable terms.

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