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Why couples divorce

Even though the divorce rate in the United States is falling, divorce still occurs frequently. Couples in Minnesota who are considering getting a divorce may be interested to learn that some reasons for divorce are very common.

Data obtained from a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information was used to create a list that ranks the most common reasons for divorce. The study involved polling 52 people who had taken part in a prevention and relationship enhancement program before getting married. The purpose of the program was to instruct couples about resolving conflicts and communicating effectively.

The people who took part in the study were individuals who were divorced 14 years after having participated in the program. The purpose of the study was to obtain information regarding the reason or reasons their marriages failed.

According to the list, the most common reason for divorce was a lack of commitment to the marriage. A lack of commitment may stem from one spouse having feelings of friendship for the other spouse instead of romantic feelings.

Infidelity is another very common reason couples get divorced. Many of the study’s respondents stated that an extramarital affair was the final deciding factor that ended their marriage. Some of the reasons provided for engaging with an extramarital affair included having feelings of neglect, being scared of being abandoned and having issues with feeling insecure.

A family law attorney may advise clients about which legal avenues to pursue to obtain the desired divorce settlement terms. The attorney may litigate to protect the interests and rights of clients who have disputes regarding the division of marital property, child support amounts, spousal support amounts, visitation plans, the enforcement of prenuptial agreements, parental relocation and other divorce legal issues.

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