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Mediation can help people divorce successfully

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2019 | Divorce

For many people in Minnesota, the decision to divorce has followed some painful emotional circumstances. People may find themselves arguing frequently, or issues like infidelity or addiction may be affecting the marriage. At the same time, other people grow apart without the same heavy conflicts, although divorce can still be a draining and emotional experience for these couples. Still, many people are wary of ending their marriages because they do not want to experience a lengthy court proceeding and a costly battle over money. While high-profile divorces or representations in fictional media may meet this description, many people divorce each year in a more collaborative manner.

Mediation can be a particularly effective approach to divorce for parents of children. When parents decide to end their marriage, they cannot simply end their overall relationship. Instead, they will need to change it into a co-parenting relationship that will persist for years. By working with family law attorneys for a mediated divorce settlement, people can arrive at agreements that allow them to start off on the right foot for co-parenting. Even in cases where many divorce issues are settled at trial, a negotiated settlement is often advised for child custody and parenting plans.

The negotiation process itself can be a challenge, especially because the issues raised may be the same sources of stress that led to the end of the marriage. It can be important for people to talk with their attorneys about these issues, as it may be best for the lawyers to take the lead on initial negotiations or be aware of the potential for conflict.

By working with a family law attorney, people might receive guidance and strong representation throughout the divorce process. A lawyer may work with a divorcing spouse to reach a fair settlement on issues including child custody and property division.

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