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February 2019 Archives

How to find out if a spouse is hiding assets in divorce

Some soon-to-be ex-spouses in Minnesota may take drastic measures to hide assets in a divorce. While this is usually done to subvert the property division process, following a financial trail can also lead a spouse to the discovery of an affair. This was the case for a woman who found her husband had created a second entity for his New York company in Florida. The company never did business in Florida, but he used the address of the woman with whom he was having the affair as the business address.

How Minnesota exes can achieve co-parenting success in divorce

No matter what exact issues have led you to determine that your marriage is no longer viable, you understand the implications a divorce will have in your children's lives and you want to do whatever you can to ease their transition into a new lifestyle. You and your spouse have decided that the issues you've faced in your relationship are unresolvable. However, you understand you'll have to devise a co-parenting plan as you both take up lives in separate households.

Mediation can help people divorce successfully

For many people in Minnesota, the decision to divorce has followed some painful emotional circumstances. People may find themselves arguing frequently, or issues like infidelity or addiction may be affecting the marriage. At the same time, other people grow apart without the same heavy conflicts, although divorce can still be a draining and emotional experience for these couples. Still, many people are wary of ending their marriages because they do not want to experience a lengthy court proceeding and a costly battle over money. While high-profile divorces or representations in fictional media may meet this description, many people divorce each year in a more collaborative manner.

Avoid common mistakes during divorce negotiations

Minnesota residents contemplating a divorce would do well to consider avoiding mistakes that could have a negative impact on their financial situation after the divorce. For example, an individual going through a divorce may feel tempted to share a lot of information about the divorce or about their soon to be ex on social media. Doing this can harm the divorce negotiations.

Why couples divorce

Even though the divorce rate in the United States is falling, divorce still occurs frequently. Couples in Minnesota who are considering getting a divorce may be interested to learn that some reasons for divorce are very common.

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