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Disparate Levels of Attractiveness Can Spell Marriage Disaster

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | Divorce, Spousal Maintenance

Like in other parts of the country, marriage in Minnesota is meant to be a lasting and legal bond shared by two people in love. Unfortunately, love and marriage are seldom easy, and in many cases, unforeseen complications can arise that make divorce more likely. For example, Fatherly points out that research has been done into the subject of attractiveness and marriage success. This research suggests that marriages involving men marrying women who are significantly more attractive may result in divorce at a rate higher than the average.

Part of the reason behind these findings is that men who are less attractive than their partners may be more prone to jealousy. As a result, their approach to disagreements within the marriage may include controlling behavior that ultimately leads to disagreements and offense. On the other hand, women who are more attractive than their husbands have also been found to be less committed and more flirtatious because they are testing the waters to see if someone more attractive could be a suitable mate. In either case, the possibility for divorce increases as the levels of attractiveness become less equal.

One note of interest from the research cited by Fatherly is that marriages that started off as friendships often have a healthier footing despite differences in attractiveness. The thinking in these types of marriages is that attractiveness was not the major reason for coming together in the first place, so it may be placed lower on the list of priorities when working through trouble as a married couple.

Facing a divorce can be challenging regardless of circumstances, and many people in such a situation seek out the services of a divorce attorney, especially when things like alimony and child support are involved. A divorce attorney is a family law resource who might be able to guide a divorcing spouse through the complexities of the legal system while protecting rights and offering representation in court.

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