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January 2019 Archives

Making a successful co-parenting plan

Minnesota parents who are divorcing may struggle with how to handle time with their children. While joint custody is increasingly preferred by divorcing couples as well as family courts, it can be difficult to handle emotionally and practically. Most parents are hesitant to give up any time with their children, and negotiating the logistics of frequent custody swaps can be complex. However, supportive co-parenting arrangements have strong benefits for the children and often help them to adjust to post-divorce life.

Minnesota spouses age 54 or more are at great risk for divorce

The overall rate of divorce has reportedly been on a decline in Minnesota and throughout the nation. There's an exception, however. If the year you were born is between 1946 and 1964 (i.e. the baby boomer generation) not only are you at great risk for divorce, but the rate of divorce among your age group has more than doubled in the past 20 years.

Why student couples should consider a prenup

Minnesota students who get married might want to consider creating prenuptial agreements. This may be particularly true for students who are in law or medical school. Even if these students do not yet have assets, they might have significant debt. They may also have a strong likelihood of significant earnings in the future. Both of these things should be taken into consideration when creating a prenup.

Post-divorce life may require new financial pros

For some Minnesota couples, marital arrangements include situations where one spouse is dependent on the other one for financial decisions. Should a marriage come to an end, a dependent former spouse may opt to continue to rely on the same set of professionals that advised their ex. The justification for doing so may be to ease the transition process. However, it can be difficult for newly-single adults to make a clean break while still working with a team they may not have selected or even dealt with personally.

Disparate Levels of Attractiveness Can Spell Marriage Disaster

Like in other parts of the country, marriage in Minnesota is meant to be a lasting and legal bond shared by two people in love. Unfortunately, love and marriage are seldom easy, and in many cases, unforeseen complications can arise that make divorce more likely. For example, Fatherly points out that research has been done into the subject of attractiveness and marriage success. This research suggests that marriages involving men marrying women who are significantly more attractive may result in divorce at a rate higher than the average.

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