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Divorced parents should have a plan for the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2018 | Child Custody

Divorced and separated parents in Minnesota should come up with a holiday plan in advance to help mitigate stress. Holidays are especially difficult for families who have to struggle with child custody. To prevent tempers and emotions from flaring and help make the holidays more enjoyable for the children, special times of year should be approached with the right attitude.

Divorced individuals should first remember to put their children above their own personal feelings, which is not easy for all parents. It may help to see a therapist or involve friends and family in the decision-making process. A solid support system can go a long way toward making decisions that truly put the children first.

Parents should also remember that the holidays are not the time to punish each other. Visitation should never be limited during the holidays. Children should have the right to see both parents. Preparing the children for the holidays ahead of time can also go a long way toward reducing their stress. Many children with divorced parents are stressed because they do not know what to expect during the holidays. To prevent unpredictability, it may help to tell the children exactly which days they will be spending with which parent and how they will be picked up and dropped off. Communication is key to mitigating holiday-related stress for everyone involved.

Having a solid plan in place before the holidays will benefit the children and make things less stressful for the parents. An attorney with experience in child custody may prove to be an important ally when it comes to planning. For example, because a lawyer will not be emotionally involved in the situation, he or she may be able to help decide when the children will see each parent.

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