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Personality traits can be predictive of divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2018 | Divorce

Most Minnesota couples enter into marriage with optimism about its long-term success but are likely mindful of the conventional wisdom that about one half of all unions ultimately fail. The desire to succeed may not in and of itself be a difference maker, but an awareness of specific personality traits, which may point to a greater probability of a split if left unchecked, could be useful in tilting the odds in favor of longevity.

Marital experts and professionals report that extremist behavior in either of the two partners is a recipe for disaster. Where marriage is a fifty-fifty proposition, on average, there seems to be a better mechanism in place for conflict resolution. Continued extremism, on the other hand, appears likely to push one partner away, concluding that breakup is inevitable.

For example, taking every little bump in the road as a disaster or alternatively trying to isolate the other partner from any minor problem can be equally damaging. The world is neither without redemption nor ideal. Couples who treat it that way are better equipped to endure. Similarly, believing that every marital issue is one’s fault or acting blameless no matter what happens can only lead to deeper and more enduring rifts.

Despite no one’s desire to contemplate the end of a marriage, it may be the best option for some couples. A divorce lawyer may explain divorce legal issues, such as property division, child custody, parenting time and spousal support, where appropriate. These are important matters affecting the future that should be determined free from the constraints of emotion.

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