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Restrictions spouses may face when getting a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Divorce

During a divorce in Minnesota, spouses may have restrictions put on their assets and finances. This prevents spouses from taking or selling property that may not belong to them once the divorce is finalized. While this can protect both spouses during a potentially difficult time, some of the restrictions can be surprising if individuals are not prepared for them.

In many cases, restrictions are put on bank accounts, preventing spouses from making major purchases or withdrawing funds so that the other spouse does not have access to them. Funds can only be used for essential needs, like making the house payment, purchasing food or buying school clothing for the kids. If a spouse makes a major purchase during this time, the other spouse may be reimbursed. These restrictions often include separate property, like inheritance or property that was owned prior to the marriage.

Another often surprising divorce restriction involves insurance. Spouses cannot cancel their former partner’s insurance while the divorce is in process. This includes health insurance, auto insurance and even life insurance. This way, both spouses continue to have coverage while they work on getting their own plans in place. This also prevents a spouse from unknowingly going without health or auto coverage, which could result in legal trouble or sudden medical expenses.

For many people going through a divorce, reducing the impact is incredibly important as it allows them to move on more quickly once the divorce is finalized. Even if the divorce is not as amicable as it could be, a family law attorney may assist with the property division aspect, especially if a spouse wants to keep the family home or the family car. The attorney may help the spouse know what to expect during the divorce in addition to what to expect if he or she does keep the house, the car or other major assets.

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