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Revenge is not a good reason to divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2018 | Divorce

Minnesota couples get divorced for many reasons. Sometimes, they fall out of love with each other and decide to part ways amicably. Other times, they argue over finances, especially if one spouse spends beyond the couple’s income, or the spouse has an affair. In contentious marriages, the hurt spouse may want to get even or get revenge when filing for a divorce.

Revenge is not the best reason to get a divorce. Is getting even more important than the well-being of the couple’s children? Children struggle with divorce at any time, but when a parent airs the couple’s dirty laundry in front of them, it only makes the situation worse. Parents should keep their problems to themselves and not force a child to choose between them. Parents need to assure children the divorce is not a child’s fault.

Seeking revenge can drag out the divorce process, especially if the couple is fighting over child custody or property division. Legal bills add up, and the judge may not care enough out the reasons for the divorce but be more interested in dividing property and other divorce legal issues such as child custody, visitation and support.

Getting revenge may also drag out the emotional trauma of a divorce. It might be better to achieve a fair settlement quickly and get the process over so that the couple can begin their new lives. A family law attorney may be able to help make the divorce easier by negotiating a support and property settlement that is fair to the client. Should negotiations fail, the attorney might represent that client in court to work for a fair outcome.

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