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February 2018 Archives

Are you worried about child custody due to a narcissistic parent?

While some people may display actions that make them seem full of themselves, those actions are not always destructive or harmful to others. However, some people may actually be narcissists, and behaviors displayed by individuals with this type of personality could actually have damaging effects on other people, especially if children are dealing with a narcissistic parent. Because narcissists can be difficult to reason with and think of little other than themselves, they could easily cause marital issues that lead to divorce.

Divorce over 50 requires attention to financial matters

The end of a marriage can be challenging no matter what one's stage of life is. For people in Minnesota and across the United States, there has been an ongoing upward trend in divorces among people over age 50, a number that has more than doubled since 1993. While the financial aspects of a divorce can be complex and challenging at any age, long-term married couples with retirement plans, real estate and other properties can find them particularly difficult to disentangle.

Post divorce finacial health comes with planning

For Minnesota spouses headed toward divorce, the final court date in which everyone signs the dotted line can seem like the long-awaited end of a marathon. While the finalization of terms is an important milestone, there will still be work to complete in order to actually get across the divorce finish line.

Revenge is not a good reason to divorce

Minnesota couples get divorced for many reasons. Sometimes, they fall out of love with each other and decide to part ways amicably. Other times, they argue over finances, especially if one spouse spends beyond the couple's income, or the spouse has an affair. In contentious marriages, the hurt spouse may want to get even or get revenge when filing for a divorce.

Spousal support payments to be impacted by tax law changes

When Minnesota couples decide to divorce, some of the most contentious issues on the table can be the financial matters. Alimony payments have been a particular source of conflict, often leading to extensive negotiations or ongoing court filings. The recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act could have a major impact on how spousal support will be handled in divorces to come.

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