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Number of new divorce filings is highest in January

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2018 | Divorce

While the highest number of divorces become final in March and August, new divorce filings spike right after the first of the year. The reason for this trend appears simple: Spouses who are discussing a split may often delay starting the proceedings until after New Year’s Day. However, this strategy, which would allow couples with children to spend a final holiday season together as a family, may not be the only reason that some spouses in Minnesota and other states begin taking steps to formalize their divorce plans right after the new year rings in.

According to a divorce lawyer in Maryland, the stress of the holidays could push any uncomfortable or angry emotions that have been associated with a marital relationship over the brink, causing unhappy spouses to rush to the courthouse as soon as the seasonal festivities wrap up. Some couples, who may become caught up in the spirit of the holidays, may suddenly discover that the holly, tinsel and twinkling lights were not magical enough to salvage their troubled relationship long-term.

A time for making resolutions and planning for the year ahead, January traditionally inspires people to evaluate every facet of their lives. A couple who has been struggling to make their relationship work may question the viability of their marriage during this first month of the new calendar year.

As the decorations are boxed up and the holiday season gives way to the reality of a cold winter, spouses in Minnesota who decide that divorce might be their best option may find it beneficial to consult a family law attorney for advocacy and advice. The attorney may guide the client through the legal process and work to achieve positive resolutions to problematic matters. In some situations, the attorney may also work to minimize any negative impact that the divorce could have on the children.

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