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January 2018 Archives

Popular myths about marriage

Certain myths about marriage can be dangerous to couples in Minnesota if they believe them. For example, couples may believe that their marriage is in trouble if they have arguments, but according to the marriage counselor and researcher John Gottman, this is not the case. In fact, Gottman says that active listening, which involves couples using "I-statements" to talk about their feelings, does not work based on evidence.

A peaceful division of assets is possible

Even if the custody of your children is of primary concern in your divorce, decisions about property division are likely not far behind. After all, dividing property goes beyond who gets what. An unfair or unbalanced settlement can leave you struggling for years after the divorce is finalized.

How to deal with a a business in divorce

Some Minnesota couples may have gotten married and then started a business together. When the marriage ends, the business may not necessarily do so. Those who choose to work together after getting divorced need to take steps to separate business and personal issues. Otherwise, a personal disagreement could take a toll on the company.

Deciding who gets artwork when a marriage ends

In a divorce, artwork is eligible to be divided just like a car, kitchenware or any other asset may be. However, there may be questions as to how art should be divided in a Minnesota divorce case. First, it must be determined whether the asset was acquired during the marriage or if it is property of one individual. This may be determined by who put up the money to buy a piece or a collection.

Number of new divorce filings is highest in January

While the highest number of divorces become final in March and August, new divorce filings spike right after the first of the year. The reason for this trend appears simple: Spouses who are discussing a split may often delay starting the proceedings until after New Year's Day. However, this strategy, which would allow couples with children to spend a final holiday season together as a family, may not be the only reason that some spouses in Minnesota and other states begin taking steps to formalize their divorce plans right after the new year rings in.

Divorce and credit

Minnesota couples may find that getting a divorce can be a complicated and emotionally difficult time. They should know that the impact it can have on their credit can make the process even worse. Refinancing the family home may be necessary if one party has been granted sole ownership. Mortgage lenders will examine credit histories when refinancing loans, and the person whose name will be on the deed may incur substantial new debt that may difficult to handle for one person.

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