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When to get a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2017 | Divorce

Minnesota couples who are having marital issues may make every effort to remain together. However, there are some situations in which getting a divorce may be the best option. If one of the partners in a marriage is abusive, the victim should leave. The abuse can include being physically harmed, called names, humiliated or any other act that is intended to manipulate the victim. When victims exit an abusive marriage, they can get the help that they need to find themselves.

Couples may also have to consider divorce as a viable option if their earnest attempts at receiving counseling have been unfruitful. It may be that so much damage has been done to the marriage that it cannot be fixed. It might also be that they have grown into different people who are no longer compatible.

Infidelity is an issue that nearly 25 percent of couples have to deal with. Some couples are able to come back from an affair, but many cannot. Infidelity can affect a relationship so that trusting the guilty party again can be difficult to do, if not impossible. For married individuals who are considering stepping out on their spouses, they should recognize that it is a sign that they should seek coaching or counseling services. If those do not work and the urge to cheat is still strong, it may be time to consider whether they should exit the marriage.

If the decision is in fact made to end the marriage, there will be several divorce legal issues to consider, including property division and, where applicable, child custody and visitation. Many couples in this situation have their respective attorneys take the lead in negotiating a settlement agreement covering these matters.

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