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Making the decision to divorce or to stay together

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2017 | Divorce

The decision of whether or not to remain married or to get divorced is a difficult one for most Minnesotans who are thinking about ending their marriages. The decision may be even more difficult when the couples have children. There are several reasons that support staying together and others that support getting divorced.

If people have not tried to work through their issues and believe that they might be able to repair their marriages, it might make sense to put in the hard work and to try to salvage the relationship. Some couples might decide that it makes more financial sense to remain together, such as because of financial issues or health insurance needs. Some couples might be slightly unhappy but understand that children do better if their parents remain together and decide to try to work things out.

People who are in marriages that are characterized by domestic violence should get divorced. Their safety and the safety of their children should be paramount. Parents who constantly fight and who simply just don’t get along should also consider getting divorced. It may be healthier for their children for the parents to divorce than to grow up witnessing constant battles. Finally, when people find that they are much happier when they are apart than when they are with their spouses, it may be time to get divorced.

Even when people have made the decision that getting divorced is the right choice, the end of a marriage may be fraught with heightened emotions and multiple issues. People might benefit by seeking help from experienced family law attorneys. The lawyers may help their clients to navigate the divorce process while minimizing the number of conflicts. With a lawyer’s help, it might be possible to secure an agreement and to end the marriage short of litigation.

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