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Online dating and divorce

Minnesota residents who are seeking relationships via online dating sites should be aware that online dating may be a factor in divorce rates. It may affect how long couples remain together and the manner in which same-sex couples meet.

According to a study, the prevalence of online dating services may contribute to stronger marriages and a rise in the number of interracial relationships. Online dating may also be responsible for an increasing number of connections made with individuals beyond one’s social circle.

Over one-third of marriages are the result of the spouses first meeting online. For heterosexual couples, online dating ranks second in the most popular ways to meet a partner. For homosexual couples, it is the most popular way to date. Previously, individuals had to depend on their social networks in real life in order to meet partners. As a result, they would mostly end up dating people who were not unlike themselves. The online dating world has allowed the expansion of the pool of possible partners, a pool that is also more diverse.

According to the study, the relationships that result from online dating may be a factor in creating a more friendly society. Couples who met though online dating may also be happier than couples who met offline. The results of a separate study that was published in 2013 indicate that people who date online and marry are less inclined to break down and tend to have marital satisfaction rates slightly better than offline couples. However, there can be no guarantee that a marriage will last, regardless of how the couple met, and people who are planning on getting married might want to consider negotiating a prenuptial agreement that can govern certain issues in the event of a divorce.

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