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On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Divorce

People in Minnesota who are struggling with whether to get a divorce might wonder how they will make the right decision. In some cases, a situation becomes so difficult that a divorce seems necessary. In other cases, it takes a person time to realize just how bad the situation has become.

For example, a spouse who is addicted to alcohol might be arrested several times for driving under the influence. The spouse may agree to go into treatment after the arrests but might not stay sober. After this happens several times, a person may decide that despite still loving the spouse, it is time for a divorce.

Some relationships may become emotionally and verbally abusive. A person may not realize this is happening because the marriage may deteriorate gradually. When a spouse turns this abuse toward the children, a person may decide that the marriage must end. Even marriages that are not abusive may be stressful situations for children if there is a great deal of conflict. Parents often want to spare children from the instability of divorce, but ongoing arguments and tension in the home may be harmful as well. It can also set a poor example of marriage for children. One caveat is that a parent who leaves a marriage for this reason should be comfortable allowing the other person to parent alone.

Simply disagreeing with the other parent on parenting issues is generally not considered to be a sufficient reason to restrict the other parent’s access to the child in a divorce. Many of these potential conflicts can be worked out in a parenting agreement. However, if the child’s well-being is at stake, the other parent may not be permitted access to the child or might only get supervised visitation. Courts make custody and visitation decisions based on the best interests of the child.

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