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Combining romance and realism: The pros of prenups

You’re about to enter the world of matrimonial bliss when your soon-to-be spouse broaches the subject of a prenuptial agreement. A prenup?! You may feel shocked, you may feel insulted and you may feel hurt…But here are some reasons that, perhaps, you shouldn’t. Instead, you may want to view this as one of the most romantic gifts your soon-to-be-spouse has ever given you.

When prepared properly with a positive attitude, a prenuptial agreement can actually enhance your relationship. How? Well, for starters, consider it in terms of establishing protections for your loved one in a potential future worst-case scenario (even if that scenario is the two of you in a fight). A prenup is a chance for you and your fiancé to make decisions at a point when your relationship is at its most loving, to plan for a secure future for both of you; and that’s just for starters.

The romantic aspects

Depending on how you look at it, a prenup can have a number of romantic facets. To begin with, it removes certain matters from the table on the off chance that you and your future spouse do end up divorcing, thus settling these issues at a time when you are both still calm and full of love for each other. Consider that a prenup also:

  • Forces you and your fiancé to confront your worst relationship fears head-on; by naming these fears — and hopes — you will have gotten through the process together, a liberating and empowering experience.
  • Allows you and your spouse to express your love; by showing your generosity as well as your honorability as you set forth fair and loving terms well in advance.
  • Helps you communicate your values as individuals and as a couple by fostering a conversation where you discuss your priorities and the things that matter most to each of you.

Of course, discussing and preparing a prenuptial agreement with your matrimonial attorneys isn’t just about romance. The process has numerous pragmatic benefits as well, but these can be just as important — if not more so — in the success of a marriage.

The practical aspects

Preparing a prenuptial agreement together requires both you and your partner to be honest, transparent and open right from the start, beginning your future together on a strong foundation. Additionally, a prenup allows you to:

  • Work with your partner to figure out a model for solving complex problems as a team. Every marriage goes through challenges at some point, and knowing that you and your fiancé have a way to work through those problems is important.
  • Set boundaries; knowing which assets and properties you will share jointly and which remain separate can prove helpful.
  • Start cleanly; if either of you has debt, you can choose to address the issue together, or agree to handle it separately and not bring baggage from your past life into your marriage.

A prenuptial agreement can combine both the romantic and realistic aspects of a relationship, allowing you and your future spouse to rest easy and know that you’re beginning your married life together on the right foot.

The preparation

Drawing up a prenuptial agreement together is the first step in your married future. Of course, with such an important and complex legal document, the guidance of a Minnesota family law attorney can prove crucial, especially since these marital contracts must comply with certain legal requirements in order to be valid. With experienced counsel, you and your fiancé can embark on the rest of your life together safely and securely.

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