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Bartenders face higher divorce risk, study shows

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2017 | Divorce

For people in Minnesota and across the United States, it can be true that a person’s job can play a role in whether or not they get a divorce. Professions like scientists, medical professionals, software developers and, especially, actuaries have the lowest rates of divorce, according to statistics collected from the 2015 American Community Survey.

While these professions are often strongly correlated with job security and an efficient, planned lifestyle, they are also well-paying jobs that provide substantial income. Conflicts over money and spending can be a major source of discontent in a marriage, and financial pressure can put extra stress on couples generally. A higher income overall can help to prevent finances from ever reaching an emergency situation, soothing financial worries and strain on the marriage. On average, people in professions with higher annual incomes tend to also have fewer divorces.

On the other end of the spectrum, people who work in nightlife, gaming and other party-heavy occupations can be at a higher risk of divorce. The two occupations with the highest divorce rates in the study were bartenders and gaming managers. Both jobs involve shifting schedules as well as frequent time out of the house at night in the presence of alcohol and a party environment. Such occupations may also lean more toward younger workers married at an earlier age.

People in travel-related professions, like flight attendants, may also face an increased risk of divorce, perhaps due to frequent separation and significant time apart as a couple. In general, travel and transportation jobs were correlated with higher divorce rates.

Just as financial strain can be a major part of the road to divorce, financial asset distribution and property division can be some of the most difficult aspects of the end of a marriage. A family law attorney can provide advice and guidance to spouses seeking a divorce in order to protect their interests and ensure the best possible outcomes.

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