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September 2017 Archives

Getting the most from assets in a divorce

For Minnesota estranged couples, divorce may be an emotional time. It can also be a time in which many financial mistakes are made. An individual going through divorce may be best served by having both an attorney and a financial planner to help with financial decisions related to the end of a marriage. However, individuals can help themselves by learning as much about the financial implications of a divorce as possible.

Bartenders face higher divorce risk, study shows

For people in Minnesota and across the United States, it can be true that a person's job can play a role in whether or not they get a divorce. Professions like scientists, medical professionals, software developers and, especially, actuaries have the lowest rates of divorce, according to statistics collected from the 2015 American Community Survey.

How to succeed at parenting after the divorce

As many Minnesota estranged couples know, parenting does not stop after a divorce, but it can become more challenging. There are some things, however, that parents can do to ensure that their children find constancy and stability even when they are splitting their time between two homes.

Advantages of shared parenting after divorce

When a Minnesota couple with young children get divorced, they and their children might benefit from a shared parenting arrangement. While mothers still get physical custody of children in a majority of cases where the judge is making the decision, the balance is shifting toward a more equitable arrangement. In countries such as Sweden, shared parenting is commonplace while some states, including Kentucky and Missouri, have passed legislation to encourage shared parenting. A number of other states are considering similar legislation.

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