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Why mediation may not be for everyone

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2017 | Divorce

Residents of Minnesota or anyone else going through divorce may believe that they need a judge to create a formal ruling to end their marriage. However, it may be possible to define the terms of a divorce settlement by going to mediation instead.

Of course, mediation may not be a good idea for those who have trouble standing up for themselves or those who may be in an abusive relationship. This is because both sides need to be committed to making sure that the other can speak freely during the process. Both sides also need to be content with letting the other person walk away from the negotiating table with the things they need to be secure after the divorce is finalized. This means being able to listen to the other person and trying to relate to what he or she is feeling.

Those who can’t believe that their version of events may have been wrong are unlikely to succeed in mediation. It also isn’t for those who want to settle their divorce as quickly as possible. Mediation is a process that can take months or years to complete as individuals may need time to process what is happening to their relationship. It is important to note that it generally costs more to get a court order as opposed to going through mediation.

Child support, property division and many other issues may need to be resolved before a marriage can officially be dissolved. As the process of resolving these issues may be a long and complicated one, it may be a good idea to consult with an attorney. An attorney may be able to review any agreement created during the mediation process or represent an individual in court if mediation fails to produce a desirable outcome.

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