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August 2017 Archives

Want to avoid a divorce trial? Try an alternative option

The idea of going through the divorce process is painful enough without also having to worry about any potential tension and conflict between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Perhaps you will have some heated squabbles about who will get to keep the furniture, or maybe you will not see eye to eye on how to address alimony.

How to be successful at co-parenting

Some divorced Minnesota parents of young children might find themselves co-parenting with an ex-spouse who might not be the ideal partner. However, successful co-parenting is possible, even when an ex exhibits certain behaviors that might seem toxic. As long as the ex's behavior does not put the children at risk, there are some things people can do to succeed.

Why mediation may not be for everyone

Residents of Minnesota or anyone else going through divorce may believe that they need a judge to create a formal ruling to end their marriage. However, it may be possible to define the terms of a divorce settlement by going to mediation instead.

Legal advice and financial decisions for divorce go hand in hand

Unfortunately, divorce is a relatively common occurrence in Minnesota. Nationwide, over 800,000 people end their marriages every year. The desire to exit a relationship might prompt people to focus on the immediate relief of independence, but legal advisers warn that a long-term analysis of finances needs to take place before agreeing to a divorce settlement.

Is Facebook keeping you from moving on after divorce?

If you are one of the millions who stay in touch with friends and family through social media, you may be facing a big challenge as you and your spouse work through your divorce. You may be used to changing your Facebook status several times a day, sharing photos of your latest success or posting memes that express your present emotions.

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