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Negotiating vacation time for divorced parents

On Behalf of | May 3, 2017 | Child Custody

Minnesota parents who are divorced may or may not have vacation plans written into their custody agreement. Whether or not the agreement covers this in detail, there are steps parents can take to try to avoid disputes. One is to plan well in advance and to share those plans in writing with the other parent. There could be legal problems if parents are not clear about the details of the vacation plan. If the vacation deviates from custody orders, a parent should have communication about it in writing in case the other parent later challenges the change.

A parent should also send the other parent regular reminders about the vacation in writing. If despite these precautions the other parent interferes with the vacation and the parents are unable to resolve the situation between themselves, it may be necessary to go to court.

Some custody orders will provide for alternating or split vacation time. They might also include a blueprint for making changes.

Parents may also negotiate an agreement about vacation plans between themselves or with the help of their respective attorneys although it is still probably best to put this in writing as well. This can also be addressed in the parenting agreement that parents draw up during the divorce. The agreement may also include other aspects of co-parenting and can be as detailed or flexible as parents want it to be. If one parent is unhappy with the other parent’s communication about vacation time or some other issue, it is not appropriate to deny that parent visitation. Parents should try to talk to one another to resolve the issue and only go to court as a last resort.

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