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Employment strong factor in divorce

On Behalf of | May 26, 2017 | Divorce

Minnesota residents may be interested in the findings of a study correlating divorce rates with employment. A Harvard professor found that since 1975 a husband’s employment status has played an increasing role in the likelihood of divorce. While each divorce is unique and comes with its own list of causes, understanding the factors that contribute to the end of a marriage can help to both minimize the risk and prepare for a possible divorce.

The study focused on the employment of both men and women who were married. The overall finding indicated that increasing career aspirations and achievements for women surprisingly didn’t have much of an effect on their likelihood to divorce. The employment status of husbands, however, played a strong role. This proved to be a rather unexpected finding, indicating the greater economic independence of women was less of a contributor to divorce than the continued economic support of men. Despite women’s employment gains, men were still expected to be the primary breadwinners in the family.

The potential impacts of having an unemployed spouse were not directly a part of the study, but financial problems remain one of the biggest reasons for divorce. The financial strain of an unemployed spouse and the possibility of ruining credit scores or losing assets that become entwined by marriage may be a leading factor in a person choosing to leave.

Financial problems may be a factor, but they can also be exacerbated by a divorce. Most divorces are financial drains that often leave both partners less off than they were before. Divorcing an unemployed spouse may end up making life easier in the long run, but it is not a decision that should be made hastily. A family law attorney can help a client navigate the legal issues that are involved.

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