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May 2017 Archives

Employment strong factor in divorce

Minnesota residents may be interested in the findings of a study correlating divorce rates with employment. A Harvard professor found that since 1975 a husband's employment status has played an increasing role in the likelihood of divorce. While each divorce is unique and comes with its own list of causes, understanding the factors that contribute to the end of a marriage can help to both minimize the risk and prepare for a possible divorce.

Political disagreements ending many relationships in the US

Political conversations seem to be center stage at many family dinner tables since President Trump has been elected. Unfortunately, some of those conversations are taking their toll on marriages in Minnesota and across the country. Many couples are even separating over political differences.

Blocking a noncustodial parent from contacting a child

Due to the improvement in communications and technology, Minnesota parents are finding it easier to stay in contact with their child even if they spend the majority of their time with their other parent. However, there may be cases where the custodial parent does not want the child to be in contact with the noncustodial parent. Although custodial parents generally cannot block the other parent from contacting the child, there are certain circumstances where the court may limit communication.

Negotiating vacation time for divorced parents

Minnesota parents who are divorced may or may not have vacation plans written into their custody agreement. Whether or not the agreement covers this in detail, there are steps parents can take to try to avoid disputes. One is to plan well in advance and to share those plans in writing with the other parent. There could be legal problems if parents are not clear about the details of the vacation plan. If the vacation deviates from custody orders, a parent should have communication about it in writing in case the other parent later challenges the change.

Six tips for co-parenting during the summer break

Summer break comes with the potential for myriad conflicts. Maybe you want to take the kids hiking along the North Shore in August - but your ex said he's already arranged a trip to Disney World during that time. Or maybe you believe your children would have a great time at a local Minnesota camp - but your ex can't stand the thought of giving up time with them.

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