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How to handle a marital separation

Minnesota couples whose marriages are on the rocks may choose to go through a physical separation as opposed to a complete divorce. However, there are issues that they need to consider before they choose to go through the separation process. First, it is critical that an individual understands the financial situation in his or her household. This means understanding how much each person makes, how much goes toward bills each month and other basic facts.

While the separation is ongoing, it may be a good idea to refrain from social media use. It may also be a good idea to refrain from entering into a new relationship while still married. This is something that could put a damper on future divorce settlement talks if they occur. Spending should be kept to a minimum, and a separation agreement should cover what happens to joint debts as well as if either party receives child support.

Joint credit cards should be cancelled in favor of those in one person’s name only. This allows a person to create a positive credit history and show lenders that they deserve to get a mortgage or auto loan in the future. Cancelling a joint account prevents an individual from potentially being liable for debts accrued by the other person on that joint account.

If an individual chooses to turn a separation into a divorce, it may be wise to consult with legal counsel. While a separation agreement may form the foundation of a divorce settlement as it relates to property division and child custody matters, it will likely need to be approved by a judge. If a prenuptial agreement exists, it may need to be reviewed to ensure that it is still valid. If it is, the agreement will spell out what happens when the divorce becomes final.

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