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Many couples are getting prenuptial agreements

An increasing number of Minnesota couples are looking towards prenuptial agreements, and many people are getting them drawn up even if financial issues or inequalities do not exist. For many couples, the benefit of creating and signing a prenup is that both individuals know where they stand financially and what the other person’s expectations are.

Prenuptial agreements are contracts that people sign before they are married. They outline how financial issues will be handled in the event of a divorce. This can make divorces faster, easier and less contentious since most or all of a couple’s financial issues will have been decided in advance.

Some of the things that a prenuptial agreement can accomplish include allowing someone to keep assets that they inherited or obtained during a marriage. This can be important if someone wants to keep particular property in their family or if they own a business and do not want to have to worry about their organization’s assets being divided if their marriage fails. Additionally, if someone is not willing to agree to certain conditions of a prenuptial agreement, it may be best for people to discover this before they marry.

If someone does decide to get a prenuptial agreement, it’s important that it’s set up correctly. When a couple ends their marriage, a prenuptial agreement may be invalidated if certain aspects of it are called into question. As a result, attorneys will advise their clients to make sure that the agreement is negotiated and signed well in advance of the wedding day in order to combat a potential future allegation that one of the parties was forced to sign it under duress.

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