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On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2017 | Child Custody

Divorces can be especially hard on children. They may feel like they are losing their family and with it a great deal of the security and safety they have enjoyed. Minnesota courts acknowledge the best interests of the child when deciding important divorce issues like custody and visitation. Divorcing couples are still held to their responsibilities as parents to ensure their child’s welfare.

Most experts agree that focusing on the well-being of children lessens the negative impacts of the divorce. It may even help make the process easier on the parents themselves. While many parents consider post-divorce issues like custody, there are many factors to consider long before the divorce is resolved. It is most important that children still feel supported and attached to both parents. When children understand that both parents still love them and plan to care for them, then the separation can be easier.

Minimizing the impact starts immediately. Most divorces carry some level of animosity or disagreement between parents. It is important to remain adults and not expose kids to fights or arguments. When a divorce is filed, it may not be resolved quickly. This makes temporary custody and visitation orders important. These temporary orders create stability and predictability about what will happen in case a divorce drags on. It may also give the parents an idea of how their final custody orders should look.

Working out child custody details is not always easy. Many attorneys will suggest that their clients first try to work out the details on their own. If that proves fruitless, then mediation may be an advisable step rather than heading directly to court.

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