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January 2017 Archives

Choosing to have a healthy co-parenting relationship

The primary definition of the word "relationship" is essentially "the state of being connected." Note that this definition does not place any conditions upon this connection. Some relationships are contentious, while others are harmonious. Some relationships are mutually desired while others are grossly imbalanced. If someone was to ask you what your "state of being connected" is with your child's other parent, how would you respond?

Past-due child support after the child turns 18

Minnesota parents who are owed child support might struggle to collect it. This struggle might continue even after the child is no longer a minor. Parents who fall into arrears still must pay past-due child support even if they no longer are currently obligated under the order because of the child's reaching the cut-off age.

Advice for parenting children during a divorce

Whenever Minnesota parents of young children decide to end their marriage, both parties generally agree to put the children first. Unfortunately, in many instances, this resolve goes by the wayside when they start to squabble over the financial and custodial issues associated with breaking up a family. However, this doesn't always have to be the case, and establishing a few ground rules can go a long way in creating an amicable divorce with minimal impact on the children.

Avoiding court with a collaborative divorce

Minnesota spouses who are seeking alternatives to a traditional divorce may want to consider a collaborative divorce. Such a procedure focuses on using negotiation and mediation instead of litigation to resolve divorce issues. In some cases, a family court may mandate that a couple engage in mediation before going to court to ligate. However, in order a collaborative divorce to work, both parties have to be willing participants.

Learning from the Holidays with a Blended Family

Families and friends often look forward to the holidays as a time to catch up with loved ones who they haven't seen in a long time. For families with stepchildren and stepparents, some people dread this time because the situation can become awkward or even tenuous as some members of the family struggle to get along with new members who seem to be replacing the old members.

The effect of social media on divorces

When a Minnesota couple decides to get a divorce, one or both of the individuals' online communications could end up being shown in court. This is because, in many cases, digital communications are considered admissible evidence It is very common for individuals to go out of their way to search for the spouse's online activities if ending the marriage is a possibility.

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