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Parents may need help to locate absent spouses

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2016 | Divorce

Many Minnesota parents who get divorced and take custody of their kids are entitled to child support payments, but their exes sometimes fail to pay. In some cases, these individuals seek to evade their obligations by ignoring communication attempts or failing to respond to lawful court orders. Custodial parents who face these troublesome situations may find it necessary to turn to the authorities for assistance.

Each state has its own unique methods of locating deadbeat parents following a divorce. In addition to garnishing the wages of absent exes in order to pay child support, individual jurisdictions can take actions like publishing the identities of absent parents using billboards, internet databases and other means. According to experts, however, these methods may lack the desired impact, and non-compliant parents can continue to evade their duties simply by relocating to other states or working under the table.

Supplying the authorities with identifying information, such as Social Security numbers, birth certificates, contact details and child support orders, may increase the likelihood of getting a child support order enforced successfully. Nonetheless, some parents have to do their own sleuthing or hire independent investigators to track down their exes.

Even though states are legally bound to uphold and enforce child support orders from other jurisdictions, deadbeat parents may be able to lose themselves in the system to evade detection after reneging on a support order. In the meantime, custodial parents who are simply trying to take care of their kids are subjected to mounting financial burdens that can decrease their quality of life and make it difficult to provide a healthy environment for their families. Having the assistance of an attorney may make it easier for parents to explore their options, connect with reliable investigative services and initiate court actions in order to speed enforcement.

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