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December 2016 Archives

Parents may need help to locate absent spouses

Many Minnesota parents who get divorced and take custody of their kids are entitled to child support payments, but their exes sometimes fail to pay. In some cases, these individuals seek to evade their obligations by ignoring communication attempts or failing to respond to lawful court orders. Custodial parents who face these troublesome situations may find it necessary to turn to the authorities for assistance.

Key Factors in Deciding Custody

Unfortunately, divorce is a reality of life and this process is even uglier when children are involved. While the couple commonly has differences that have led to divorce, each parent still loves their children and wants what is best for the children. In fact, this is the standard that the court also uses when deciding which parent to award custody to.

Effects of divorce on older adults

Minnesota couples who are in their 50s or older might be more likely to get a divorce than they would have been 25 or more years earlier. According to research, divorce for older couples is on the rise, and the highest increase compared to previous decades is among people over 65.

Child support from absent parents

The number of children born into unmarried households has increased by almost 10 percent since 2000. Approximately 40 percent of children are born to unmarried parents. A small percentage of those families remain together in cohabiting relationships or eventually get married. However, many of them separate, leaving the children with only one custodial parent. It can be difficult to collect child support from an absent parent in this situation. Laws in both Minnesota and at the federal level make it clear that regardless of marriage status, parents are still expected to help care for any children they bring into the world.

Co-parenting when one parent decides to move

After a divorce, Minnesota parents may still struggle through conflicts with the other parent. One source of these conflicts can be when one parent moves. Even if the move is only half an hour to an hour away, it can cause serious disruptions to the schedule of sharing custody or visitation. Parents must be careful in these situations so that they continue to put their children's needs first instead of their own.

Good reasons everyone should have a prenup

Talking about getting divorced isn't something most people want to discuss before they've even gotten married. There has long been a stigma regarding prenuptial agreements. Some people may think they are only useful for the wealthy who have many assets. Others may think a prenup could show a lack of trust and harm the relationship. Many millennials in Minnesota and across the United States are finding that prenups are smart decisions and may actually lead to a stronger marriage.

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