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Learning from Brad and Angelina’s split

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2016 | Divorce

For a solid decade, the American public has been widely exposed to the romantic relationship between actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Many have watched this relationship evolve with great interest. As a result, a significant portion of the population reacted strongly when Pitt and Jolie’s divorce was recently announced.

One of the primary reasons why individuals follow the lives of celebrities with interest is that they often present examples of the various struggles experienced by non-famous people. Like book or movie characters, celebrities can sometimes teach us something about ourselves and our journeys. It is therefore perhaps not surprising that the Pitt-Jolie divorce has something to teach others navigating similar challenges.

Lessons about relationships

As you are likely aware, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie began their relationship amid fairly scandalous circumstances. But as it evolved, it seemed incredibly strong. Both individuals heaped praise on their relationship in the press, they seemed supportive of each other in public and were devoted parents. However, as the fairly sudden split illustrates, every relationship is vulnerable in its own ways.

Many individuals struggle with the idea that their split may be ill-received by loved ones and acquaintances. However, as Angelina Jolie has recently demonstrated, it is ultimately most important to do whatever is healthiest for you, regardless of how others receive your choices.

Lessons about divorce

The Pitt-Jolie split speaks to numerous lessons to be learned from the divorce process itself. At this point, statements from Jolie’s attorney indicate that the split was prompted by some sort of recent incident. It is not clear whether Jolie had been thinking about filing for divorce before this turn of events. However, she was able to set the divorce process in motion fairly quickly. Even if ironing out the details takes some time, it is possible to begin the process in earnest as soon as someone opts to move forward.

In addition, it is worth noting that both Pitt and Jolie have indicated that they want to remain focused on their children and to have their process progress as amicably as possible. This kind of low-drama approach is best, whenever it is possible. Not only does high drama and in-fighting cause heightened stress levels, it also leads divorce processes to cost far more than they otherwise would. Couples everywhere can learn from the prudence of this example.

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