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Now is the time for co-parents to prepare for the holiday season

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2016 | Child Custody

Retail stores are beginning to showcase their Halloweens wares. The autumn and winter holidays are still a ways off. But it may surprise you to learn that it is time to start preparing for these holidays in earnest if you co-parent your child with your former spouse or former romantic partner.

Preparing for the holiday season in any capacity can be stressful. However, preparing in advance for how your child will spend his or her holiday will actually ease your holiday-related stress when vacation days are finally upon you. 

Why prepare so far in advance?

The best time to prepare for the holiday season is several months before it begins. When you do so, you leave enough time to address any disagreements on your own or with the guidance of a family law attorney.

In addition, it is most productive to make plans about dividing your parenting time, travel and other details when you are not already stressed out by the holiday season. Finally, it is productive to work out holiday details in advance so that your kids know what to expect when these hectic days do roll around.

How to prepare

It is important to consider all major areas of your child’s life that will be affected by the holiday season when preparing to co-parent during that time. When will you have parenting time and when will your child’s other parent? What will your child’s travel arrangements be? Will your child need any additional daycare or babysitters during this time? Do any significant gifts need to be discussed with your co-parent?

By considering your child’s unique situation and needs, you will be best positioned to ensure that he or she has a great holiday. And by planning in advance, you will be best positioned to ensure that you have a great holiday too. 

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