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September 2016 Archives

Debunking child custody myths

Child custody is a serious legal issue across Minnesota and many other states. Often in divorces, child custody is one of the most important and litigated issues. Battles over child custody also result in children becoming the victims. In serious cases, this can lead to children developing post-traumatic stress disorder or other mental health conditions.

Now is the time for co-parents to prepare for the holiday season

Retail stores are beginning to showcase their Halloweens wares. The autumn and winter holidays are still a ways off. But it may surprise you to learn that it is time to start preparing for these holidays in earnest if you co-parent your child with your former spouse or former romantic partner.

Pre-nuptial agreements growing in popularity

It is unlikely that many Minnesota couples walk down the aisle on their wedding day thinking that their marriage will end in a divorce. However, statistics show that a substantial number of marriages do, for a variety of reasons. When that happens, one aspect of the prospect can become complicated, and that is property division.

Avoid these late-in-life divorce mistakes

There are more baby boomers divorcing than ever before in Minnesota and the rest of the country. The National Center for Family & Marriage reports that the divorce for couples over age 65 has tripled between the years 1990 and 2014. Baby boomers must look out for potential mistakes that they could make during the divorce process.

The benefits of shared parenting laws

When it comes to the evolution of shared parenting, Minnesota has been a leader for change. It is one of a few states that have enacted custody laws aimed at ensuring both parents take a role in raising their children after a divorce. Research has shown that a child benefits from having meaningful connections and relationships with both parents.

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